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Make an option to manage storage#724


In other recording programs such as Overwolf as well as the old, there’s an option to auto-manage your storage so that the vods don’t take up too much space in your drive. You can set the maximum amount of space the vods will take up and then if it takes up more than said GBs it automatically deletes the oldest vod from your drive. There’s also an option to favourite any vod so that it doesn’t auto delete them even when it goes over the cap. I feel this option would be really nice to have implemented because it just makes it much easier to not have to go back everytime and manually delete vods one by one.

2 years ago

This definitely needs to be a thing :)

2 years ago

We are planning on adding this!

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago
Merged into Automatic Free Up Space#271
5 months ago