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Push-to-Talk mouse binds#750

Most people most likely uses their Mouse when talking (mouse3, mouse4, mouse5) through programs.

Personally i use Mouse 3 (Middle Mouse Button.. Mouse Wheel Button) - And since you don’t allow users to bind any mouse keys for PTT, thats a big bummer.

I was one of the people putting up suggestions on your feedback form & here on Reddit to get Push To Talk - just to sit and wait for over a year, to not be able to really use it when it finally launches.

I’ve been throug the settings.json

  • Tried to put in MOUSE3 for Push To Talk key- I also tried “Middle Click” which you use in other cases on the Medal App.

However, Medal went mad back & responded:

[Info | 4:02:57 AM] 1 logs of- Saving key settings LMenu[Warning | 4:02:57 AM] Push to talk trigger key settings invalid, resetting to Alt.

Please, look into being able to bind your Mouse Keys for Push To Talk.

  • This being said, theres also posts on your Discord (I’ve checked) with people wanting the same.

Best regards,

3 years ago

The settings.json modification – while clever – won’t work as it only accounts for keybinds right now. Thank you for the feedback, I am sure we can add this in the very near future @MENIX

3 years ago
Changed the title from "Thank you for introducing Push-To-Talk.... But we need mouse binds fixed for it to work" to "Push-to-Talk mouse binds"
3 years ago
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3 years ago