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Consider this: Don't call yourself TikTok for gamers.#379

Hello whoever is reading this.

I actively use and like Medal. Its good. But when I post clips in Discord, sometimes I get a description of the site:

“Watch Clutching the prize fight after missing everything and millions of other League of Legends videos on Medal, the #1 Clip Platform and the new TikTok for gamers.”

TikTok is cringe and actually makes me want to uninstall Medal just because you wrote this. I get it looks good for investors, but you’re having a Silicon Valley moment and not understanding your target audience. A huge population of gamers actively avoid TikTok. Not so true of the younger gamers, but very true of older ones. By comparing yourself to TikTok, you’re placing Medal in the same cringe category. You’ll immediately be dismissed by a considerable percentage of potential users. Don’t do that, you’re way better than TikTok, don’t lower yourself to that level. You’re best off not mentioning them at all.

I hope this doesn’t get lost in corporate bureaucracy because it needs to be said, heard, and changed. I hope this message gets passed on to whoever can make the change. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

  • kNo
2 months ago

The way I see it is the idea of TikTok isn’t “cringe”… it’s the content on TikTok that is considered “cringe” Medal calling themselves the TikTok for gamers is basically a better way of saying “Short, easy to access, easily digestible content for gamers”

I think the idea they’re trying to put across is - Imagine TikTok but it’s only short clips of gameplay of your favorite games, no dancing, “funny” skits etc.

2 months ago

We actually did listen to the suggestion from Alden, and removed it. Going to lock this thread, but keep the suggestions and feedback coming!

2 months ago
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