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Auto-delete full session recordings without cloud upload#36

D had a setting to auto-delete recordings when your recordings folder exceeded X gigabytes. It is annoying to have to manually delete old clips every few days. I want to delete old clips, not save them to the cloud (uses data).

2 years ago

I want a button to delete full session recordings which have no highlights marked. Basically games that were recorded but nothing interesting happened.

a year ago

I swear to God that’s why I have to use the RePlays fan version of Plays, because they have that feature and I can’t use Medal without it.

9 months ago

@Markus we’re adding this

9 months ago

@Pim de Witte This sounds awesome! I hope I’m not being too nosey, but is there an rough ETA for this feature? :D

9 months ago

@Markus Sagichdirnicht thanks for the tip on RePlays. Is it better than Medal?

9 months ago

Thoughts on a auto-delete feature for clips over x gb without any bookmarks or just full sessions without any bookmarks x weeks old?

8 months ago
Merged into Automatic Free Up Space#271
4 months ago