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Editing Improvements#319

Allow us to utilize editing tools like slowing down specific parts of clips. Allow us to zoom in specific parts of the clips to isolate certain things happening and really give some flare to clips. Other tools could end up being circles that blur out the rest of the clip, etc.

4 years ago
Changed the title from "Editing Tools" to "Editing Improvements"
3 years ago
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I use the Clip feature but not the Full session recroder, and my PC app doesnt give me the ability to take chunks from the middle of some my my clips, have the ability to segment clips would be great. I dont seem to have that ability in the Editor.

2 years ago

@Iam WardeR you can use the “Split” tool to cut out the middle and make a montage. But yeah, I guess we don’t really give you the ability to turn one clip into two from the main editor 🤔

2 years ago

@Brandon I cant seem to use or have access to the “split” feature, only after a published clip am i able to use the split feature. I can only split once as well, if i had an option to split tiwce i can use that feature to take out splitted chunks. Hope it helps with ideas

2 years ago

@Iam WardeR select the clip you want to split, move the playhead to the area you want to split. you should see the button appear

2 years ago

@Brandon the screen shot I attached is me doing exactly that. Once I do a single split I cannot split a 2nd time, and the split function only appears on already published clips. That’s the bigger issue I can’t split during 1st edit

2 years ago

Hey all, I’m going to close this out, as it’s currently a catch-all for any editor improvements. Our editor has and is continuing to go through major changes. If the editor doesn’t have something that you would like to request, please make a new feedback card so we can follow up. As for things here, I’ll list the items that are completed or being worked on:


  • Zoom in on a specific part of the clip
  • Blurring the clip (though it’s the entire clip, not a specific part)
  • Splitting / Cutting
  • Duplicating a clip
  • Deleting clips from the timeline
  • Many items requested by Simón Ramirez Castro (would love to hear your feedback on the latest version of the editor.)
  • Auto-saving after every edit. If Medal closes, your edit should be saved.

Being worked on:

  • Fixing the split issue reported by Iam WardeR
  • Chroma key support
  • Editing audio for mic / game (or system audio) separately.

If anyone feels their feature request or a bug hasn’t been heard, you can DM me on Discord - @Brandersnatcher#6697

2 years ago
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2 years ago