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Automatically take clips based on event detection#3

When a point of interest happens such as; kills, double kills, wins, etc. a clip should be automatically taken for the user

a year ago
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a year ago

this would have to be done on a per game base is and would take a lot of time proably and they would have to get suport from the developers so i could see this as maybe for some games

10 months ago

I don’t think time should/would be a problem. It’s more about being allowed to read the game status from the game servers to pinpoint points of interests happen (e.g. kills, deaths, assists, goals, wins, losses, etc).

IIRC, Plays.TV basically read data from the servers to then pinpoint points of interests (in League of Legends case, it was only kills, deaths and assists).

8 months ago

It doesn’t read data from servers, it reads it from game client memory. You could also do it based on optical recognition like if the game shows a new kill feed in the top right of screen or in a moba if one of the player icons changes into a skull automatically seave as potential clip

7 months ago
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In Progress
5 months ago

Can there be a funtion so you can decide if you want to have clips or / and bookmarks. Don’t want new clips everytime I get a kill. On a long game it gets crazy with all clips. Just let me only bookmark and no new clips.

3 months ago