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Clipping Desktop#240


Like shadowplay has in their privacy option, you can choose to only clip your game and nothing else and then there’s an option where you can clip non-game applications like discord, google, desktop etc. If you guys could impliment that it would be cool!

2 years ago

Hello, I would adress that I am not able to clip my gameplays in full screen, so if you could fix that, it would be highly apprieciated, Or I can switch to another clipping software

2 years ago

please add recording option for Fullscreen like to record games, apps and desktop this would be great

a year ago
Merged Desktop clippin#1450
7 months ago
Merged Desktop Recording.#549
7 months ago
Merged desktop screen clipping#761
7 months ago
Merged Desktop clipping#1120
7 months ago
Merged Desktop recording#1056
7 months ago

Im surprised the editor was free 🤣 ty medal gods

7 months ago


I would be fine with not being able to upload the clips to medal.

I would pay a one-time purchase or a subscription in order to do desktop clipping/recording. It’s not offered by many services and would be a lot more useful to me than clipping games only.

6 months ago

@Endlesssummer716 What kind of things would you want to clip on your desktop? Would you want to share it or store for yourself?

6 months ago

hey everyone! We have added Desktop Recording and are testing it on Medal Early Access! You can now play around with it and share your feedback with us!

5 months ago

Appreciate you added function to just capture dekstop,

But this is not so much comfortable and usefull to be honest.. Cause you need to press and start manually and need to know you want to capture the desktop at the moment..

I think, mostly appreciated by community would be this..
If possible, add option “Screen Capture” to the clip recorder settings as on picture I created..
So you can set clips to 5 minutes and it will be recording whole screen no matter you are in game or not..

Just easy On / off button, if On then you can choose what screen you want to record (for users with multiple screens)

Thanks in advance, hope you find this as good idea and update

4 months ago
Changed the status to
Early Access
3 months ago
Changed the status to
5 days ago

Thank you for meeting my and the community’s interest. It’s nice to see you care about the feedback. I just didn’t like having to subscribe to a plan to access all of the medal’s functions. I sought the medal precisely because I didn’t have a video card that could clip using the Geforce Experience feature. If you wanted to spend money on clipping, you’d buy a video card. But at the same time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for granting the request.

5 days ago