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Clipping Desktop#240


Like shadowplay has in their privacy option, you can choose to only clip your game and nothing else and then there’s an option where you can clip non-game applications like discord, google, desktop etc. If you guys could impliment that it would be cool!

2 years ago

Hello, I would adress that I am not able to clip my gameplays in full screen, so if you could fix that, it would be highly apprieciated, Or I can switch to another clipping software

a year ago

please add recording option for Fullscreen like to record games, apps and desktop this would be great

7 months ago
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a month ago
Merged Desktop Recording.#549
a month ago
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a month ago
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a month ago
Merged Desktop recording#1056
a month ago

Sorry for my horrendous grammar.

1# I only wish medal had this feature when im playing small indie games that medal wont recognize , emulators, web based games, older games, etc.. would appreciate this feature for that reason only because medal wont detct those types of games. I never once wanted to record desktop with Medal because thats not what i signed up for… but since the platform already aims to upload gaming clips im quite okay with connecting a mobile number to my medal account to then upload any clip from OBS and import it knowing that the platform has made it for games clips.
When i load Medal im are agreeing to be limited to gaming clips.. yet Workarounds are already in place if I attach a mobile number to my account. can virtually upload any clip.

They just want medal to do the same work that obs can which i can not relate to. I have multiple apps that i use in my workflow so i dont expect medal to do it all.

I like the idea of “moderating” desktop clips or at least making a extra step that people would have to work around in order to have a montage with a scene of discord for example?

2# Payments is a loaded question and not very specificat that… Price range? Which Feature sexactly? Membership levels? Software key?
I think certain parts of the platform /features might do well behind a paywall. But pay for everything? Or only for the ability to record screen?

a month ago

I noticed you can use shadowplay to clip & get instantly imported to medal by changing settings

a month ago


  1. You can use our request a game feature to record games we don’t officially support. Just go through this process - For web based, you can do the same and record your entire browser.

  2. Just generally, would you pay for the option to record your whole desktop. Either a one-time fee or a monthly subscription paired with other features? Or maybe a better question, how much would you pay to be able to record your desktop with medal?

a month ago

@Mika Björn Yep, you can do that too

a month ago

I would pay yes. 10 or 20 USD if i knew it was available to add screen recording

a month ago

Im surprised the editor was free 🤣 ty medal gods

a month ago


I would be fine with not being able to upload the clips to medal.

I would pay a one-time purchase or a subscription in order to do desktop clipping/recording. It’s not offered by many services and would be a lot more useful to me than clipping games only.

24 days ago

@Endlesssummer716 What kind of things would you want to clip on your desktop? Would you want to share it or store for yourself?

21 days ago