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Multiple audio track recording#24


Make it so that when recording games you can have multiple audio tracks for things like discord, your own mic and then the game.

Not sure if thisd falls under the game only audio suggestion but would be a nice feature, only thing that made me really utilize plays/medal for the most part.

a year ago

And the ability to record from multiple audio sources. I have the SteelSeries Arctis 7 and it has Discord on a separate source from the rest.

10 months ago

Completely agree I really wish I could record my mic discord and the game on different audio tracks It’s annoying when something happens but something gets said that’s private or that ruins the clip in some way that I simply can’t remove without removing all the audio completely

9 months ago

I would really love to see this feature added as well. Sometimes I don’t want discord audio in the clip but obviously want the game audio.

9 months ago

Yes, this is one of the first things I thought of when I saw it could isolate discord voice chat. Sometimes voice channels get really noisy and force me to mute the clip and I’d rather just flip off the discord/mic audio tracks instead.

7 months ago

Yes i would love this, my headset has 2 audio output streams, one for chat and one for game so if i could record both of those and my microphone that would be perfect.

6 months ago
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In Progress
6 months ago
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6 months ago

This would be the only reason for me to fully switch from ShadowPlay to Medal. It would even replace OBS for me if this is added with the ability to use 3 or more audio tracks.

6 months ago

i wanna record my game audio, and my itunes music only, and exclude all other pc audio, thx

5 months ago

Ive had too many clips that I have had to mute because im playing something solo and my friends are screaming about warzone. It would be really nice to separate discord from game audio after the clip is made instead of enabling the feature to record only game audio.

4 months ago

This!!! And I will never stop using and supporting this software

3 months ago

Add this please! And we should also be able to Split the Audio in half/ Trim the Audio

2 months ago