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Delete clips/full session recordings if I don't do anything with them for 24 hours#208

I use full session recordings, and I record at 1080p 60fps. Just a few days of playing results in 50+ gB of video files. I have to delete these all every few days. I like having full session recordings because I can get longer videos/not miss things. But if I intend to keep and upload a clip, I will do so pretty soon after I finish playing. So it would be nice if medal recordings were automatically deleted after a set (have multiple options) period of time. Alternatively, allow the user to set a cap on how much space Medal recordings can occupy on the drive. Then Medal would delete old files to make space for new ones, always maintaining the recordings folder at or slightly below the cap.

2 years ago

This, a million times

a year ago
Merged into Automatic Free Up Space#271
a month ago