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Fix ur program#2032

When I close a game and medal jumpscares me, I expect the newly made videos to pop up ready for editing like it used to do, instead, now I need to refresh the page. I did that, and while it was loading the clips that should have been there from the start, I was deleting some footage I didn’t need, and it must have refreshed as soon as I blinked and I thought the delete input was dropped for some reason, bc after retrying and deleting the footage I realised it’d refreshed without me noticing and I’d deleted some footage I just captured earlier. Do better

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
a year ago

Hey @Needo62! Thanks for the feedback. I apologize for what this issue resulted in for you.

We were able to pinpoint an issue pertaining to the clip not appearing in your library immediately and the fix should be in Latest Stable and Early Access on our next release(s) this week.

a year ago