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Clips at 144+ FPS#19


If we could get clips at higher fps, up to 240 I would say, there would be no reason to use something like OBS for clips. You wouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience!

a year ago

Not many people would be able to view 240hz clips

a year ago

If you can record at 144+ FPS then we would either need to transcode it down to 60 FPS on upload for file size, or you would have to pay for storage for that high definition of clips. What are your thoughts on that?

a year ago

Not sure why this would be useful, the sites you view clips on and upload to are capped at 60fps so it would only be good for viewing local footage.

a year ago

Recording at much higher frame rates does make a difference online though, I can always tell when someone was recording over 60fps. Also, from an editing standpoint, it’s much easier to make smooth slow-motion videos with 120 or 240fps. 60 is acceptable, but only if you’re willing to play the video back at 24fps for slow mo.

9 months ago
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