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Enable AV1 support on RTX 40 series GPUs#1803

Add AV1 support because it’s lower file size while same quality as H.264 NVENC for those with RTX 40 series GPUs

10 months ago

Can we also include AMD and Intel AV1 support?

10 months ago

+1 on adding AV1 support, theres no downsides to supporting it. Everything will be AV1 in the future and its just a better encoding format.

9 months ago

upvote! As I’ve recently got a Intel Arc A750 for background rendering with my 4070 in a Dual GPU config, AV1 would in deff allow us to take advatange of higher FPS/resolutions with less performance cuts with AV1 codec and itself as an optimization.

5 months ago

I want av1 for my 7900 xtx! I would absolutely love to record on the dedicated av1 hardware.

Also, I’d just like to say its great to see a feedback platform like this get actual attention from the devs! :)

3 months ago
Merged AV1 CODEC#2135
5 days ago