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Clip Sorting for Mobile and Browser Medal#1766

So; the medal application on my computer has this awesome tool of sorting clips by game, date, likes, etc. There’s also abilities to compact clips/enlarge them. An unfortunate thing is that this feature doesn’t exist on mobile or browser medal.

For mobile medal: there are 3 clips in a row, however to find a very specific clip you must scroll forever until you find it. There are no filters. This is a pain sometimes because when you find your clip, it’s either corrupted or the app will crash when you open it.

For browser medal: you are limited to seeing one clip at a time, however there are filters so that you can get an oldest/newest clip, vice versa. It is particularly annoying just because of how slow it is to find a clip, scrolling one at a time.

I hope medal can add filters/compactors to mobile and browser editions of their software. It would greatly increase efficiency of sharing clips.

2 years ago