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Do not autoplay video when hovering them with mouse#175

The suggestion is in the title, its very annoying when I just want to massively delete them that each will start playing for a few seconds before I can click delete, I just want to mass delete them, if I want to view the video, I will click on it to see it.

2 years ago

I agree something needs to be finally done on this matter. Not even sure why its taking them so long or why its simply not even a option. Lets get this done ASAP. YouTube had to do this surely Medal can.

a year ago

I even messaged the main dev and they didn’t do anything, I’ve lost any hopes in them doing anything that the users want.

a year ago

I talk with support recently and its being looked into. So there may be some hope coming. Hopefully we get a answer soon.

a year ago


10 months ago
Merged into Disable Autoplay Hover#273
6 months ago