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HDR capture support#1746

Currently, if you play in HDR then the highlights Medal saves are washed out in color, or blown out in brightness.
With Win11 having awesome HDR, and more exciting HDR features on the way, I feel Medal should be able to capture these correctly.

It would be great if playing in HDR mode gave you HDR clips. But at the very least, being able to play in HDR but have the captures have correct color would be great.

a year ago

HDR support… yes please! My videos look like garbage. Trial and error lead me to the sollution with OBS Studio.

I would like to be able to select these encoders: NVIDIA NVENC HEVC and NVIDIA NVENC AV1. I heard the AV1 encoder is supposed to be better. I have not tried it yet.

HEVC requires a Color Format of P010 10bit, 4:2:0, 2 planes and a color space of Rec. 2100 PQ. I don’t know for the others. I primarily stick with the HEVC (H.265) encoders.

For AMD GPUs it would be AMD HW H.265 (HEVC). I did not see an option for an AMD AV1 encoder in OBS Studio.

I have an NVIDIA RTX 4080 GPU and a Ryzen 9 7950x CPU w/ an intergrated Radeon GPU. Resolution 3840 x 2160 w/ HDR enabled in Windows 11 and in-game.

7 months ago

I have been recording HDR gameplay to SDR with OBS Studio. It’s a mix of the 2 settings. HEVC encoder with NV12 color format and a PQ Color Space on the capture window. Don’t forget to add the settings to the display/desktop capture too like OBS did. I can’t run my desktop in HDR and record/stream in SDR. I have to use the game capture only which is kind of bad becuase I have this aura wallpaper that uses aura sync to sync my wallpaper lighting with my tower lighting. Plus it looks kewl when I use it as a border around my game for my recordings and streams. Sorry for the double posting.

6 months ago
Merged into HDR Support#635
5 days ago