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Recording your voice for "Medal Clip That" accuracy#1736

So, I have had a few problems with the new Voice Clipping feature, “Medal Clip That”.
I have noticed that it doesn’t always recognize the phrase when you say it, and that sometimes it recognizes the phrase when you don’t even say it.
So my suggestion is:
-When you go to enable Voice Clipping, it will ask you to say the phase a few times. Medal will record you saying it and will save it on your medal account.
-That way Voice Clipping will work more properly based on your voice and will not confuse what you’re saying, resulting in successful clipping when saying it and not clipping phrases similar to the “medal clip that” phrase.
-You may add the abillity to register multiple people, so that other people using the computer can use it with ease as well.
Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion and I apologize for any grammar mistakes since my english is not the best

a year ago

Mine has never worked. Great idea too!

9 months ago

That’s how Google Assistant voice activation works. It records you saying some things so it can get an idea of your voice and uses that info to detect when you say “Hey Google.”
Great idea!!
(Sorry if that seemed really sarcastic)

3 months ago