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Razer Nari Headphone Compatability#168

Not sure if this is on Razer or if you need to look into compatability. Unable to record your gameplay audio if you are using Razer Nari Ultimate wireless headphones. I assume this is due to the Nari’s splitting game/chat audio, and mixing them together into the THX Surround output.

3 Output devices result in using the Razer Nari Ultimate’s:

Headphones (Chat)
Headphones (Game)
Speakers (THX Surround)

You can therfore separate, for example, your Discord and In-Game audio to separate control knobs on the headset, and the THX Surround output combines all together. The goal would be to enable recording on the Speakers (THX Surround) output. Using Headphones (Game) as the audio output works, but loses significant quality in sound. Chat is even worse.

Separate notes:

Recording audio works with the Razer Nari Ultimate, however you have to use the 3.5mm jack and turn off the blutooth. This is an inconvenience if you dont have a 3.5mm jack close enough or available.

3 years ago

I would like to add a workaround that may be a solution depending on the game you are playing. Most games nowadays have a audio output/input source selection in the game audio settings. You can change the output of the in-game audio to the “Game” channel, and Medal should detect the audio fine. Doing this doesnt change your system audio output and so you can keep “THX Surround” on if you wish.

If the in-game settings doesnt have the choice for audio output/input, check the game launcher settings. I found my audio output for Modern Warfare in the launcher voice chat settings.

3 years ago

This should be possible now, you can select multiple outputs

4 months ago
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