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Watermark toggle for everyone#1594

I was encouraged to use Medal for the free use of recording and downloading clips for free. It is accessible for people that don’t want to pay for a subscription. However, you’re now forced to pay for premium to get your clips without a watermark. I believe it should be reverted to toggle on/off the watermark whichever way you choose. The change has since put me off the app.

9 months ago

Not sarcastic – Are you aware that your local clips don’t have a watermark? Only once you upload it - similar to TikTok?

9 months ago

Yeah has Brandon said, this shouldn’t really be an issue since you can just download the clip before uploading it to medal.

9 months ago

I don’t agree with the whole, “just download it before you upload it” it’s my clip I should have the choice to upload and save space; then later download it. Also, because this is a new “premium” feature I can’t even get my clips from before premium was a thing.

8 months ago