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Increase the maximum clip length to 30 minutes#1592

Please increase the maximum clip length to 30 minutes or more. Why limit it to only 10 minutes?
You’re forcing people to use full session recording even though they just want to save full matches, which are in most games longer than 10 minutes. For many players, having to use full session recordings is unintuitive and a waste of storage space.
ShadowPlay allows 20-minute replays, and so does ReLive.

Does Medal want to lack behind the competition, or rather stand out and offer unique features and high limits?

2 years ago

I’ll look into this, but you can hold F8 at the start of a match, and F8 at the end of the match and then you will have your match recorded

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

download OBS if you’re looking for full game capture

a year ago