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Multiple record keybinds for different clip settings#1519

Instead of having one set of settings for every clip, you can have multiple keybinds, each of which you can customize different clip settings for.

For example, if I have my clip length set to 2 minutes but only need to clip the last 30 seconds, I can just press my 30 second clip button instead. Or if I’m in a discrod call, I can choose whether or not I want to include the discord audio in the clip, or if I just want the game audio. I get that these are all settings that can be changed, but sometimes you won’t know what settings you want for your clip until it happens. This allows for more flexibility with clipping things how you want them, and I think overall it’d be a nice QoL feature.

a year ago
Merged into Keybinds for different clip lengths#68
a year ago