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Extremely biased algorithm#1513

I’ve been on medal for a long time and I used to love scrolling through the osu! category every once and in a while. Nowadays not so much. Earlier I was scrolling for a good 10 minutes and almost all of the clips that I got shown were by the same 3 people. And all 3 of them were “skilled players”. Now that would seem like a good thing because you would want to see good gameplay but there’s one problem, they’re not “skilled” at osu! I check their profiles and I just see “Skilled csgo player” or “skilled rocket league player” Last time I checked you can’t even be “skilled osu player” on medal. I don’t see why someone’s shitty osu clips should be pushed over other more skilled players just because they’re global elite in csgo, a completely different game. If you’re skilled at rocket league, your rocket league clips should be the only thing that gets affected by that. I pretty much only play osu! but I could easily see this being a problem in other communities also. So please bring back the days where I could see clips by all sorts of people, not just people who happen to be skilled at another game.

2 years ago

i have to agree on this aswell. its especially bad with Rocket League. No harm to the skilled RL Players, I just see the same 1 - 3 player’s clips.

There’s hardly any variety to them as well, as there more often than not just trickshots synced up to EDM tracks. The discoverability of other people is very limited because only “skilled players” make it into people’s feed.

Either the algorithm has to change, or there’s gotta be some kind of reform to the skilled player requirements and their discoverability.

for example, maybe have a different clip feed, just for Skilled Players. So that they dont wind up polluting the feed with nothing but there clips.

Also (a little bit off topic, but still relevant kinda), In terms of rocket league, Champ 1 (which is where im at currently) is currently top %12 of all players. but apparently im not good enough to be considered ‘skilled’. Even with being better than almost %90 of the playerbase.

2 years ago