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Allow removal of watermark on your own clips#1506

Hey Medal-Team
First of all, congratulations on your new Premium launch. I’m pretty sure that this will help you a lot technically and financially.

I understand that this is a huge step and you want to offer some special features for users that support you. However, the paywall behind one specific feature is not how it should be done. The feature I’m talking about is watermarking, which can no longer be disabled without Premium. All other features that have been locked or expanded seem fine to me, but putting a tool that was free before behind a payment wall was unexpected and not communicated well.

All I’m asking for is to allow creators to change the watermark settings again or atleast put it in a Premium plan that is way cheaper. I’m not willing to pay for Premium just to remove that big text on the bottom left (based on my settings).

This feedback should not sound rude, I’m really happy to hear that creators can support you even more now.

2 years ago

Watermarks on clips are 100% fair, but I can’t justify spending 10$ a month on removing watermarks from silly clips of my friends.

How about a cheap version of premium that only includes watermark removing? I’d pay for it, and I think a lot of other people would too.

5 months ago