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Option to Stop Recording without Quiting Medal#1490

One of my biggest issues on my PC is that when CPU usage is too high, my inputs start messing up (Delays and other issues), the only fix is to reduce the amount of background apps using it up. That means Full on ending the Medal app. What I want is the ability to stop the Medal Encoder and other recording tasks to stop recording on press so I can play Star Citizen and Dying Light 2 without force shutting down Medal. Instead just turning off the application.

Where to Stop:

  • Right click the medal icon in task view (Windows taskbar).
  • In the status/game activity dropdown menu.

It would simply be a “Stop Recording” button that would appear. After selected, It would become a “Start Recording” button so you can get back to it.

a year ago

We already have this functionality, it’s just hidden atm

Settings > Recorder > Scroll down and turn off Record with Medal

a year ago

But we are planning on making it more visible

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago