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Make clip actions easier to access.#1472

One thing that annoys me about the recent updates to medal is how difficult it is to Like, Share, and see the amount of views on a clip. Instead of before, it being next to the clip, its super small at the very bottom of the clip. This means less users will want to like the video and no one will even notice they can share it. If we could return The Follow, Share, and like buttons to the left side of the clip that would be AMAZING. Just make sure they are sized large enough to be noticed, Maybe even highlight the whole panel once the clip is finished, To encourage interaction.

2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! we do have some tweaks in the works to make the interactions more noticeable.

Do you have any specific reason why you prefer the action to be on the left side?

2 months ago

When it was on the left side, I found it much easier to simple, move my mouse to that side and click the large buttons instead of scrolling down to select the very tiny buttons we have currently. Ultimitly putting them on the buttom would be the last place someone would look since that is where comments are. I prefered it on the left over the bottom

2 months ago