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Ability To Locally Save Templates#1371

Templates get rotated out and it would be nice to be able save the ones that fit your play style. Thanks!

2 months ago

Great suggestion! What’s your favorite template so far?

2 months ago

“Surpise Motherfucker” from Dexter
“Emotional Damage”
‘Was at this moment”

Lots of good ones. Each is like a tool for certain types of events happening in a clip.

2 months ago

Search and Favoriting (saving) will be coming soon. They will be rotated out of the top 4 slots, but you will still be able to find them.

Also just so you know, we aren’t rotating them OUT completely anymore. you should be able to find them by scrolling until search is available

2 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
2 months ago

That’s great! Thank you!

2 months ago