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Transition effects in editor#1319


Having transition effects between clips in the montages would make these videos so much more aesthetically pleasing and fun to work on.

I saw others using different editors for their clips and then importing them into Medal to post. The editor in Medal is great thus far, and I’ve enjoyed the short learning curve. However, implementing transitions would be a game changer for so many. The only thing that I’ve found that works remotely close is the “blur” effect. Even then, it’s not great by any means.

Love the app regardless! Clean, easy, and fun! Keep up the great work!

2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion. I’d also love to have transitions, but honestly idk when we are going to get to it.

a year ago
Changed the status to
Maybe Someday
a year ago
Merged Montage Transitions#704
a year ago
Merged Clip transitions#777
a year ago
Merged Transitional edits#1535
a year ago