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Add ability to fix audio desync through the editor#1274


Its not uncommon for a clip I recorded via medal to have the audio slightly off sync. This is the most extreme example:
Thankfully, its rarely ever that bad. But its still kind of jarring even when more subtle.
Now one solution is to fix the recorder. But I think that it might be easier (and less hair pulling for the devs) to add a feature where the audio on a track can have a negative or positive offset applied to it. (And also, fixing the problem with the recorder wont fix clips that alreadly have the problem)
Im not good at explaining things, so i apoligize if my explanation of the requested feature didnt make much sence,.

2 years ago

I understand what you are asking for, I’ll see if this is something we can get in the editor

2 years ago

We haven’t had time to get to this, but hopefully the recorder has been more performant for you

a year ago
Changed the status to
Maybe Someday
a year ago

The recorder has been extremely unreliable when it comes to audio synchronization. I’ve had some otherwise excellent cilps ruined by a quite large delay.

Being able to offset the audio within the medal editor would turn this from a deal breaker into a slight annoyance.

9 months ago

Confirming this also happens when importing perfectly synced videos. Seems to be something in the final processing that makes this happen.

9 months ago

It is still happening to me too.
All clips of today are out of sync.
I stoped using medal almost a year ago because of this…. I thought it would be fixed by now.
I guess I’ll wait another year?

8 months ago

are we still waiting??

6 months ago

Thanks Hannii, going to try to reproduce. That’ll make it easier to fix

5 months ago

Hey all, quick update. We are working on improving the performance of the editor, which I suspect will help with the desync. I don’t have an ETA as it’s potentially a very complicated issue.

As for this comment:

But I think that it might be easier (and less hair pulling for the devs) to add a feature where the audio on a track can have a negative or positive offset applied to it.

The problem with audio desyncs, is that it’s possible for the audio rate to be faster or slower than the video, so even if you drag the audio track over so it aligns with the beginning of the video, chances are it will desync towards the end. I’d rather us just properly fix this

4 months ago

my last 5 or so clips have all been desyned on latest medal version found this trying to google the issue.

4 months ago

@Brandon Hello again, I have some additional input that i noticed the other day. If you add several clips inthe editor and start playing it in the editor it “lags” and takes a second for the audio to start playing. That makes the whole video out of sync, but if you click on the timeline a few seconds into the clip/video it’s synced again. Very strange.
I also noticed that even if the audio is in sync in the video you need to move text and stickers etc 1 sec earlier than what seems good in the editor, otherwise they will pop up too late after rendering.
Hope this helped any way.

4 months ago

Is there a temporary solution? It seems that it’s batched in sessions where there is a desync issue or not. Is it as simple as doing a test clip at the start of a session, and restarting medal if there is a sync issue?

It really makes the clips unusable

4 months ago

Me and as you can see other users have a problem where when you record a clip the audio in CSGO freaks out and delays… One example:

3 months ago

I have so many similar situations like @Beast_PT where my audio is very late, and it ruins the clip so much. It seems to be the case only for CS2 and nothing else from what I have noticed…

but its not every clip, it seems to happen like every other game.

another ex.

2 months ago

@Joshua Kim As a temporary workaround while we continue to work on the editor improvements, can you try turning ON Advanced Window Capture in Settings > Clips & Recording and see if that helps with new clips?

2 months ago