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Blacklist or whitelist specific games for full session recording#117


I use full session recording for league and dota, but I don’t need it to be recording a gigantic file when I binge monster train or something for 12 hours… It can be worked around by closing medal before playing games I don’t want recorded, but it would be helpful to have the ability to just blacklist those games from recording in the settings.

2 years ago
Merged Add blacklist for never record some games.#219
2 years ago
Merged Being able to choose what you record.#179
2 years ago

This can probably be included in #13 (Game specific settings)

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago
Merged into Game Specific Settings#13
7 months ago

Question I have a brand new Alienware Razen AMD 7 with 3060 GeForce RTX 12gb but I’m having problems (I can’t use this) while playing Warzone or Vanguard running this and the nividia Broadcast does that sound right? Shouldn’t it be able to run gameplay stream & have something like outplayed or Athenascope all at once with no problems? I new 2 PC but the specs and the diagnostic say I should be able stream at 1440 60fps when I’m only streaming at 720 30fps or is something wrong with my PC? I could really use some advice. I’m on any social media @jimreynoldssr if u can help?

4 months ago