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Better Editing / Short cuts#1050

+Add Multiple Video & Audio layers
+Add hotkeys like “M” to set a marker “S” to split, mark with mouse and “DEL” to delete etc.
|key to go frame by frame in your video/audio layer
+1ms text (added)
+text editing option if you want your text to fade in and out or not

a month ago

Are you on Early Access or the regular version of Medal?

a month ago

I’m on Early Access.

a month ago

You can fade text in and out

The rest we are planning on doing

a month ago
Changed the status to
a month ago

Can controller binds include the share button? I use the back and start button too often that it gets clipped when I don’t want it to.

21 days ago

I think the main feature that should be included in this task is the ability to select diferent portions of a recording and merge them in a single clip. I think this was possible in playstv. Also,repositioning of the editing screen would be helpful, I feel like there currently is way too much wasted space with the whole right section taken by the “clips from this session”.

5 days ago

@Atsushi Ehara your comment is unrelated to this post. However, the share button doesn’t register as an independant key press on Windows. It’s out of our control. Maybe we can look into adding multiple button presses or something to trigger a clip

5 days ago

@Victor Rosado there is a larger thread on editing in general. This one I’m saving for keyboard shortcuts specifically. Here’s the other thread -> #319

We’ll have a new version of the editor out to Early Access sometime next week hopefully

5 days ago